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Lhanbryde is ADSL Broadband ENABLED! 
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Local Broadband News

Longmorn and Brodie Go Live! (09/06/2004)

 Longmorn & Brodie go Live!!

Finally! After 6 long months of waiting, the Longmorn and Brodie exchages wen't live today and are now ready for orders of ADSL Broadband. GO GET IT!!

Well done to Alex McFarlane for conducting the campaign in Longmorn and Timothy Newman in Brodie for their efforts in gathering enough registrations of interest to show BT that Broadband is needed in the area!

Moray exchanges with RFS date waiting to go Live :

  Dufftown - Goes Live 4th August 2004!
  Aberlour - Goes Live 8th August 2004!
  Alves - Goes Live 8th August 2004!
  Keith - Goes Live 11th August 2004!
  Rothes - Goes Live 24th November 2004!
  Glenlivet - Goes Live 18th December 2004!
  SpeyBay - Goes Live 31st August 2005!
  Carron - Goes Live 31st August 2005!


Wednesday 9th June 2004, 17:40 

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