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Broadband Genie Winner - Best Budget Broadband 2011PC Advisor 2011 ISP Awards - Recommended plusnetLooking for a new reliable, low cost Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
then take a look at plusnet!

PlusNET - The Smarter Way to Internet!

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NOTE TO ALL READERS! I realise the information on this page is out of date.. plusnet today is much better value for money with a much rider range of products to suit you! When I get some time I will update this page properly with the latest packages! Until then head straight over to plusnet and see for yourself! You Won't be disappointed!


   High Speed 2 Mbit ADSL Broadband From £14.99/month + Free Activation! - Click here for details!

   Anytime Dial-up from £4.99/month - Click here for details!

X Box Live compatable
Playstation NET compatable


plusnet is one of the most cost effective ISP's in the UK. They deliver low cost internet solutions for both home users to Business users. Subscription connections from £4.99 Dial-up right through to 8MBit ADSL Broadband connections. It's all there!

plusnet has been around since 1997, you possibly haven't heard of them before because they don't advertise in the same way as BT, AOL and Freeserve. But low cost and low advertising does not mean low quality. I've been with plusnet for nearly 3 years now, first starting with a 56k Dial-up connection and not onto a 1Mbit ADSL Broadband connection, and I can honestly say that plusnet are by far the best ISP I have ever used, and I've a lot!, including the main competitors such as BT and Freeserve/Wanadoo.

The plusnet Guarantee!
If you are new plusnet user and you signup to one of plusnet's ADSL Broadband packaged you have a guarantee that if you are not completely happy with the service after 45 days, plusnet will pay you to move to another service provider! How's that for a guarantee!!!

 Also at the time of writing this, plusnet are offering FREE activation and FREE modem for new customers! (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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Customer Support

The customer support is by far the best I've seen from any ISP! Complete online portal for contacting the support team, no need to sit on the end of a phone for hours. Responses are generally quick and you can keep track of how busy the support team is at any time, so you can get an idea of when to expect a reply!

Also on the portal you can find a service status page where you can keep track of any problems which there might me with the service. The service status page also shows details of when the problem is likely to be resolved. I have NEVER seen this sort of feedback from any other ISP.

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Value and Choice!

NOTE TO ALL READERS! I realise the information on this page is out of date.. plusnet today is much better value for money with a much rider range of products to suit you! When I get some time I will update this page properly with the latest packages! Until then head straight over to plusnet and see for yourself! You Won't be disappointed!



As mentioned above, plusnet is one of the cheapest Internet Service Providers in the UK for both dial up (56k/ISDN) and ADSL Broadband.

plusnet has recently changed it's pricing structure for ADSL Broadband packages to make it even more affordable for it's customers:

High Speed ADSL Broadband Packages

Broadband ADSL Plus Premier  
Up to 2Mbit ADSL £14.99/month £21.99/month 40x faster than 56k dial-up
Up to 4Mbit ADSL £24.99/month! £29.99/month 80x faster than 56k dial-up
Up to 8Mbit ADSL £34.99/month! £39.99/month 160x faster than 56k dial-up
Pay as You Go 8Mbit ADSL £14.99/month £14.99/month 160x faster than 56k dial-up
 + special business accounts also available, including SDSL!  

(all details are accurate as of - 22/11/2005)

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Broadband Plus: The Plus package is a cost effective package lineup giving you high speed Internet access at low cost. Suitable for many light users, priority is given to web and email traffic during peak times. Other services will be given low priority at peak times.

Broadband Premier: The plusnet premier packages allow you to make the most of Broadband, with no restrictions on usage. Access as much as you want when you want day or night! This is the recommended package for heavy users.

Note: Speeds may vary depending on the quality of your phone line. Some lines may only be capable of a maximum of 1Mbit, so that's all you will get. That's not a plusnet thing, that's BT and the nature of ADSL. However later in the year (2005) we may well see speeds increase as further research is made into how to get the most of of the technology!

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Pay As You Go (PAYG) Broadband
plusnet also offer a ADSL Broadband Pay as You Go (PAYG) service, where you pay £14.99/month for unrestricted access to the net with a 1GByte, monthly data usage limit. If you need to increase your monthly quota you can purchase additional usage at £1 / Gigabyte. To be honest, I'd probably suggest one of the Plus or Premier packages above. You never know how much you will use your connection from one day to the next!

56k / 128k ISDN & Dial-up
Finally, plusnet still offer their customers a Dial-up service for those who are unable to afford Broadband or simply don't have the need for the high speed. Prices are as follows.

Un metered Dial-up (Dial-Up & ISDN)
Anytime Lite   £4.99/month Max usage: 20hrs a month
Anytime Standard   £14.99/month Max usage: 160+180hrs per month *
Anytime Premier   £29.99/month Max usage: 280+180hrs per month *
Anytime Premier+   £39.99/month Max usage: 400+180hrs per month *
Pay As You Go 0845   FREE!!  
 + special business accounts also available.  
  * additional 180hrs with free night time access between 1am and 7am. (assuming 30 day month)
(all details are accurate as of - 22/11/2005)

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Here is a list of common features you get with most of the accounts. (see website for specific details to each account.)

  • Unlimited email addresses: Create separate mailboxes for difference members of your family and keep your messages private!
  • Webmail: Allows you to access your email from anywhere at anytime through the use of a web browser.
  • Webspace: Why not create your own personal website. It not as difficult as you may think! (250Mb for Broadband Premier packages and 100MB for Broadband Plus packages).
  • CGI/PHP webspace available on request. Available for the more experiences web developers.
  • MySQL database available on request. To help you create a more interactive and dynamic website.
  • Low cost .co.uk domain name: Register your very own .co.uk domain name for just £1/month!
  • Security: Stay secure with spam filtering and email virus protection. You can even disable P2P access for extra peace of mind.
  • 24x7 support: Expert help is at hand, 24/7, either by local rate phone call or online using the Contact Us system.
  • Online Gaming: Locally hosted gaming servers for PC games. Also plusnet is X-Box live Xbconnect and Playstation2 Network Gaming friendly!


ADSL Broadband

One of the cheapest in the UK at under £15 for a feature packed service. Good solid reliable connections. I have been using their ADSL Broadband packages for over a year now and during that time I have switched between some of their packages hassle free to select the right package for me at the time!


Connection Packages include:

(Packages may vary slightly but this is a general idea of what to expect)
• One monthly fee
• No internet call charges
• Access anytime
• 24/7 support
• Easy to upgrade from
• 250MB of Web space
• An included .co.uk domain name
• Unlimited e-mail addresses and more
• No cut off's (1hr cut off on Connect Lite account)
• Free night time access. *

 * Free night time access - Time between 1am and 7am not counted towards weekly usage quota! Great for scheduling overnight downloads. Gives you get an extra 42hrs a week! (not available on Connect Start account)

plusNET Dial-up ISDN night time usage

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Why did I chose PlusNet?

Simple really.. I've been around many ISP's in the past (Dabsol, Freenetname, RedHotAnt, BT, Freeserve, Eclipse Internet - to name a few), I was with BT for a long time until they cancelled my account because I was using the internet too much. I then moved to Freeserve. Nice service but the support could be better, often hanging on the phone line for more than an hour waiting to get through to someone at my expense.

plusnet caught my eye, because it was cheap, reliable and their feature packed packages looked very good! PHP webspace, unlimited mailboxes, Domain hosting. It just seemed too good to be true! All this for the same price as other ISP's! I am very happy with my decision to move to plusnet

When my local telephone exchange was upgraded to support ADSL Broadband in 2004. Within 3 days of the exchange becoming active, my line was up and running and I found myself surfing on a Broadband connection 6 days before my official activation date! Now that's what I call service! Speed has been very fast from day one! There's not many ISP's out there that can deliver that sort of service at such a competitive price!

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PlusNet - The smarter way to InternetReferrals

plusnet have a great way of marketing themselves via referrals. As an existing customer I can recommend people like you to use plusnet as their Internet Service Provider, and in return I get a few pence off my monthly bill. Unlike most other referral schemes from other ISP's, the referral discount remains on my account for as long as you are still using plusnet. Many other ISP's simply give you a one off discount that that's it. If you choose to signup with plusnet then please signup via on of the banners on this page. Alternatively, type in my referral code 'scouk' when ordering. It's not much to ask for helping you find your new reliable ISP. :o)

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Useful Links

PlusNet - http://www.PlusNet.co.uk/
PlusNet, The smarter way to Internet.

ISPreivew - http://www.ispreview.co.uk/
Very good resource for finding Internet Service Providers in the UK

08Whatever - http://www.08whatever.com/
Another good source of freephone Internet Service Providers in the UK

ADSLGuide.org.uk - http://www.adslguide.org.uk/
Everything you ever wanted to know about ADSL.

Broadband Demand Tracker - http://www.bt.com/broadband/
Use the form at the bottom right to find out if ADSL if available in your area.

Vote 4 Broadband - http://www.vote4broadband.com/
Keep track of ADSL rollout in the UK

SamKnows - http://www.samknows.com/
One fo the best ways to track the rollout of ADSL Broadband in the UK!

PlusNet usertools - http://usertools.plus.net/
Great resource for technical information about plusnet.

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This page exists for the purposes of attracting more users to use plusnet as their ISP. The views expressed on this page are of my own experiences with plusnet, which has been my ISP for over 12months. Your choice to sign up to plusnet using my referral id is you own decision I cannot force anyone to sign-up to a service which is unsuitable for their needs.


PlusNET - The Smarter Way to Internet!

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broadband adsl 2mbit from PlusNET, The recommended UK ISP

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